2018 Gallery & Oz Awards

22nd November 2018 was our annual Oz Award Competition

‘Thanks go to those who took part in our annual Award evening, either by entering their work, casting votes or helping with the arrangements. There were some beautiful pieces in the gallery and the quality of the turning/ finishing and the artistic flair have really improved, it was felt this year was the hardest competition to select the first choice.


After counting your votes, congratulations went to Ken for winning the Oz Award trophy for 2018, Rob being awarded the second and third place certificates and Jeff Stephens for earning the Gordon’s cup.
Thank you again to everyone for taking part and well done to all those who rose to the challenge.

January 2019 Show & Tell Task

Following on from Walters & Rob’s Demo last week for the Pestle & Mortar you will find the Plans for their project here but please feel free to expand and be creative in your designs. The finished project should be ready for the January Show & Tell.