…… updated  9th September 2020

Thursday Events for 2020

subject to confirmation ……. scroll down for Sat Events

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak all club meetings have been
suspended for the time being.

  1. 10th Sept 2020             Zoom Meeting, Fruit Box talk & way forward
  2. 24th Sept 2020            Zoom Show & Tell Fruit Box
  3. 8th Oct  2020                 Zoom October Task, 2″ Ring passthrough
  4. 22nd Oct 2020              Zoom General Discussion 
  5. 5th Nov 2020                 Zoom Walter – Segmented Work
  6. 19th Nov 2020               Zoom S&T Nov Task – A Toy (Suggestion Link)
  7. 3rd Dec 2020                 Zoom Nigel’s Workshop, Jan S&T Set
  8. 17th Dec 2020               Zoom S&T Dec Task – Segmented Piece

Live Zoom Interactive Demo by Colwin Way

This is scheduled for Thursday 29th October 2020 at 7pm and will last for approximately two hours, the theme will be Christmassy . Please contact Jim for further details

And to 2021

18th Sept 2021:       Andrew Hall  –  All day Demo
20th Feb 2021: Jay Heryet – All Day Demo

AWGB Youth Training Day

March 21st 2020: WCT/AWGB Youth Training Day. Tutors… Mary Ashton, Nigel Miles and Peter Bradwick.
This has been re-scheduled to a later date yet to be set.